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Let ADAC Programming take the stress out of your database and website needs.

ADAC Programming has been providing reliable solutions for its clients needsADAC Programming, Shasta Lake CA since 1999, using web applications, desktop applications and combinations of the two. Based in Shasta Lake, California we have been instrumental in developing enterprise level applications for clients throughout the state.

At times clients only want help with the parts of their website they are unable to do. We are happy to help "do it your selfers" achieve the results they want with their website project, sometimes just by assisting in scripting, database access, graphics, or search engine submission and optimization. Feel free to call with your questions.

Website SEO

Once you have your site created, the next step is getting people to vome to it. That is where SEO (Search Engine Optimazation) and SEM (Search Engine Marketing) come in. If you are looking to do this work yourself you should visit our free sister site to learn the best internet marketing strategies. If you need help feel free to give us a call, we provide affordable plans to help you get your site to start ranking well quickly and keep it on top.


Most modern websites now need to include database access for anything from simple login pages to full client and inventory tracking systems. ADAC Programming can use many types of databases for your storage needs, but we specialize in Microsoft SQL server and Microsoft Access.

Our programming team can help you with all your graphic and flash needs. We use a number of different programming languages, including the latest Microsoft Dot Net languages, web scripting with JavaScript, PHP and Flash.

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